BOOK REVIEW • Schmuck the Buck 5/5 ❄️

BOOK REVIEW • Schmuck the Buck 5/5 ❄️

“Meet Schmuck the Buck, just a regular caribou.
He liked to eat grass and then chew and chew and chew.
Yet he and his kin happened to be the sole
Jewish reindeer living in the North Pole.
Schmuck was bullied and treated the worst way,
Until his brilliant plan saved one Christmas day. 

Schmuck the Buck introduces Larry, a young Jewish reindeer. He overcomes his awkward and sometimes painful youth to save Christmas. His tale of acceptance and inclusion is sure to warm the hearts of anyone who loves Christmas, Hanukkah, or both. A unique modern addition to any holiday library.”

Schmuck cover

I received a copy of Schmuck the Buck: Santa’s Jewish Reindeer in return for an honest review, with the promise that it would be an easy read of 60 beautifully illustrated pages of satire. After a significant period of procrastination (lets blame that on the weather!), I sat down on a cold morning – in my slippers, in front of the fire, with my cat and a hot coffee – and dug in. However, within minutes, my coffee was all over the floor and I was laughing my head off!

I can’t remember the last time I read an illustrated book, but this really is everything that you need to get through the winter months. The humour is silly and fun, sure to cheer you up when you haven’t seen the sun in weeks, and the plot is a recreation of a typical Christmas story with just enough twists to keep you intrigued. The illustrations are outstanding – racy and hilarious, adding an extra layer to every joke on the page.

The book manages to approach relevant issues through satire, while still remaining light and jolly. It encapsulates a heart-warming message about the importance of love and inclusion during the holidays.

Goofy enough for children, but with enough hilarious side-notes for the adult reader, this book is perfect for everyone this Christmas! A hilarious little read for a cold winter night (slippers and fire not included).

Worthy of 5/5❄️

Thanks again to EXO for getting me in the Christmas spirit!

The opinions and views expressed in this blog are entirely my own and a completely honest, personal reading of the book.

EXO Books is the pen name and publishing company of a man from NYC, USA, Earth. Schmuck the Buck is his second book.

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